Join me as I enter to the world of Mathematics

Circles we can see in our everyday living

Life is a struggle, this is a line we always thought about life.  We are continuing our journey here in the world  to achieve all our dreams and goals.As we define circle, it as an area of action or influence and a group bound by a common tie..Same in our life that everything in this world is a continuous process, a continuous process because as human we should move or revolve around and meet the challenges of life. Because like a circle, we are on the cycle, we are at  the continuous flow of life where in we experienced so many things that serve as our guide to be a better person. Circle is not just a figure in mathematics, it is a very common shape we encounter in our daily living, wherever we go, there’s a circle that reminds us that we exist to deepen our connections and also to strengthen someone’s life. As I continue exploring on circles, I am now ready and willing to share some informations about it to you my dearest readers.

Circle came from the Latin word “CIRCUS” which means ring, a round arena. It is a closed loop without any sides. Area of a circle is one of the topics related to, in finding the area, we need to follow some formulas, like in our life, we should follow some sort of guidelines with in the family, municipality and nation as a whole. Circle is something circular and we know that there is something within this, so if we connect it in our real life we could be a complete and well rounded individual, meaning we should build a good personality or the what we call “THE TOTALITY OF A PERSON”. We should develop some aspects our personality even if physically, mentally, intellectually and most of all, spiritually. Circle has also ups and downs, something in our life that all of us experience different trials and hardships which represent the down of a circle while its ups are those success and happiness of a person.We have watched circles in our day-to-day activities, it has different sizes but didn’t differ in shapes. Like here in our world, there are lots of people having their own status, rich and poor, but still in the eyes of our Almighty God, we are all equal. This is just a sign that circle is not only applicable in Mathematics  but in man’s life as well. So what are you waiting for? join me as I continue my journey to Mathematics.


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    • thanks for your comment, it will help me to develop my blog. Tnx!

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